Cordoba On the Road

Cordoba, Argentina
Cordoba City was founded in 1573 and can now claim to be the second largest city in Argentina, with about 1 million people. It may be an industrial centre, but still has stunning colonial architecture alongside modern buildings in her streets, with an impressive landscape surrounding the city. The weather is a temperate 10-25 C throughout the year.

There are numerous sights to check out in Cordoba, like San Martin Square, with it’s 100 year old Cathedral, people watching and little restaurants to appease your appetite. After, you might want to do some shopping or see a museum. The shopping is around the Urca neighbourhood where there are numerous clothing stores. There's also Nueva Cordoba, a district with shopping malls like the Patio Olmas. During the day there are also various restaurants, squares and other entertainment. Also try the Ecipsa Tower.

For museums I would suggest the Museo Arqueologico Provincial for history or the Museo de Julio Romero de Torres for a great art collection. However, if you don't like these options there are plenty of other possibilities.

For a bit of nature, right outside the city there's mountain biking, hiking, paragliding and more. Plus in the city there's a river that runs right through called the Primero River, also known as the Rio Suquia. There are many parks like the Park Sarmiento.

Aside from the fresh seafood, there's lamb, potatoes, sirloin steak, spinach, puchero (stew), casserole, beef, sausage, corn, chickpeas, cabbage, pumpkin and so much more to choose from. These are the ingredients that seem to be used the most, but you can find other options.

At night, there is the Cerro de las Rosas district, where you’ll find the action in pubs and disco clubs. Other areas to explore once the sun goes down is the North Zone and Dark Zone where Hill Rose, Septimo, Candem, Casa Babylon, Club V, La Jungla and many other clubs rest. There's also Nueba Cordoba which has clubs such as La Barra, La Coqueta and La Osa Disco. The nightlife generally lasts is all night and is tons of fun, so put on your dancing shoes and get ready for a night out in a beautiful foreign town.


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