Rovaniemi On the Road

Rovaniemi, Finland
Rovaniemi, located in the northern part of Finland, in Lapland. Rovaniemi is in the Arctic Circle – where the real Santa Claus lives with his elves and reindeers.

Rovaniemi is a place to go if you truly want to feel close to nature. The seasonal changes are ever so clear: the dark and long winter with breathtaking northern lights and magic of Christmas in contrast with the summertime’s nightless nights.

Christmas is very present in Rovaniemi and especially in the Arctic Circle where there is Christmas everyday! In Arctic Circle you can find Santa’s Main Post Office, that receive thousands and thousands of letters and wish lists from all over the world every year. And in Santa Claus Office you can meet Santa himself, all year round.

On the contrast of public belief there are no polar bears in Finland, the regular ones yes. They mingle amongst with other species of the forests such as lynxes, moose, reindeers and wolverines. The place to see them is the Ranua Wildlife Park, situated some 80 kilometres south from Rovaniemi. There are about 60 species of arctic and northern wild animals at Ranua Zoo.
To real outdoor activities head to Ounasvaara. There are almost 50 different activities available at Ounasvaara today. Wintertime you can choose downhill and cross-country skiing, winter tobogganing or snowshoeing. Summertime it offers hiking, hurtling down the slopes with the summer bobsleighing, and golf. Santa Claus’ Sports Institute in Rovaniemi, on the hillside of Ounasvaara, is truly a center of sport and well-being.

The newest addition to Rovaniemi’s sights is the Lordi Square situated in the city center. This square is naturally dedicated to the Eurovision 2006 winner Lordi – who’s hometown Rovaniemi is.


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