San Sebastian On the Road

San Sebastian, Spain
San Sebastian (or in Basque, Donostia), is located in the Basque country right on the North-Western region of Spain, close to the French border on the Bay of Biscay. It’s a popular summer resort area, but also offers various other activities, ranging from museums to horse racing tracks. The Spanish are known for partying until dawn and knowing how to enjoy their food. On top of this, the Basque region is said to have the best of what Spain offers in terms of culinary delights, and with the French influence nearby, there’s a subtle fusion of French influences. Here in San Sebastian, your tongue won’t be disappointed with what’s on offer…

Check out the main museums like Chillida Leku, Museo San Telmo or the Museum Cementos Rezola. For other things to do, there's the aquarium, parks, gardens, cemeteries and a spectacular coast to explore. The Pyrenees Mountains are also close by, where you can hike, swim and go fishing for trout. The Pyrenees Mountains are paradise with the variety of butterflies, orchids and other wildlife. The streams rush down the forested hills from lakes and rivers that are stocked with fish. Explore the narrow streets of the old quarter, which lead to the Plaza de la Constitucion. Here, where there was once a town hall, is now a library. Wandering through the narrow streets you’ll probably encounter shops full of cotton shirts and berets, however Paseo de Muelle is the best shopping area. As you walk around the city you’ll find various beautiful parks and sculptures by local artists.

Last, don't forget about the beaches that San Sebastian offers - La Concha, La Zurriola and Ondarreta are just the main ones! Sit in the sun all day, relax in the soft Mediterranean sun and spoil yourself at night with great seafood. The Basque region won’t disappoint – especially in San Sebastian where the fresh seafood is abundant and spectacular.

Keops, Rotonda, Ku, Young Play, La Kabutzia, Etxekalte, Kompot, El Nido are just some of the various dance clubs that are filled with young people. Altxerri with live jazz or Museo del Whisky, a piano bar are also some wonderful places to go. The youth wander around town, hopping from cafes and bars to pubs and dance locations. The music in San Sebastian doesn't usually end until at least dawn, so dance the nights away knowing that you can relax the day after in the sun.


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