Tallinn On the Road

Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn might not be very famous yet, in fact most people don't even know there is a city with that name, but Estonia's capital is rapidly becoming a magnet for venturous travelers who want to explore the unbeaten road. Estonia was one of the first states to declare independence from the USSR in the early 1990s. Just a few years later it joined NATO and, as of May 2004, it is a full member of the EU. In spite of its turbulent history of occupation, Tallinn boasts one of the best preserved medieval architecture in Northern Europe. It's Old Town belongs to UNESCO World Heritage List.

Tallinn is well known by people in the regions as a party town, with great places to indulge in local delicatessens and beer, or party the night away.
During the summer the city organizes the biggest music festival in the Baltic.

Climb its unique red-tiled buildings to catch a breath-taking view of the city and imagine what it was like to safe guard this gorgeous place centuries ago.

Let Tallinn blow you away and let yourself indulge in the picturesque local bars and restaurant in a city of its own


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