Polaroid Siesta Hostel

Calle Frailes 28, Granada

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Polaroid Siesta Hostel


Overview of Hostel

Polaroid Siesta Property is the newest property in Granada city center.
It's a guesthouse in the city, specialised in turistic accomodations.
Discover and enjoy our big terrace and large common rooms: everything has been design to meet people and make friends :D
You will also enjoy Granada wit

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From the Central Bus Station:

Just outside the terminal take the bus SN1or SN2 (1,20 euros) and get off at the bus stop ‘Camino de Ronda – Recogidas'. Some buses tell you the stop, if not ask the driver to let you off at 'Camino de Ronda – Recogidas’. Getting off the bus, you have to cross the street and you will find Recogidas, where you have to go all straight up until you arrive to Doctor Martín Lagos (it is the 4th street to the right). On the corner you will see a shoes' shop called El Rayo. You turn to the right and continue until the end of the street. Then, you will have to turn to the left to enter in Calle Frailes. Go by the left side and there we are, in front of a green wall.
By taxi it can cost about 6-12 euros.

From the Central Train Station:

Exit the train station and go straight up one block to the main street. Turn to the right on the main street without crossing it and in the next corner you will see the bus stops. Take the bus called LAC (1,20 euros) and get off at the bus stop 'Puerta Real'. Getting off the bus, go to your right 2 or 3 meters and look slightly to your left: you will see a dresses' shop called 'DUENDE'. Cross the passageway where Duende is. At the end of the passageway, you'll find a street (SAN ANTÓN). Cross it and go to your left until you find a street at your right (our street, Calle Frailes!). In the corner of that street you will see an electronics red shop. Go Calle Frailes down by the right side of it until you find number 28.
By Taxi it can cost from 6 to 12 euros.

From the Airport:

Just outside the terminal take the bus called AIRPORT-GRANADA (3€), which goes directly to the city center. Get off at the bus stop 'Acera del Darro' or sometimes called 'Puerta Real'. Some buses tell you the stop, if not ask the driver to let you off at 'Acera del Darro' or 'Puerta Real'. Getting off the bus, go to your right 2 or 3 meters until you find a street called PUENTE CASTAÑEDA. Go until the end of that street: you will appear in SAN ANTÓN. Turn to your right and cross San Antón to go by its left side. Go straight and turn to the left in the first street you will find, called HORNO ESPADERO. It is a quite long stret: you have to go all down that street and, at the end of it, turn to your left and walk about 2 or 3 meters and, in front of you, there we are!! :D
If you want to take a Taxi, it costs approximately 20-25 Euros..

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Set in a modern townhouse right in Granada center, Polaroid Siesta Property is fully equipped with modern conveniences that will make your stay pleasant and memorable.

Conditions & Policy

Age Restriction

Please note: Reception is open everyday from 8:00. till 0:00. To check-in out of this time, please let us know by email or phone call. Late check in is only available by request. Cancellation Policy: 5 days before the arrival Check in: 14.00 pm - Anytime Check out: 11.00 am Method of Payment upon the arrival: Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards Breakfast is not included. Taxes are included.