3 Bros Hostel

ul.Mennicza 14, Cieszyn, Poland, Cieszyn

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3 Bros Hostel


Overview of Hostel

3 Bros' is a nice, small new opened hostel in Cieszyn - town in the middle of the way from Krakow to Prague.

3 Bros' is a warm, friendly little hostel in the middle of the way from Krakow to Prague. We've got few clean mix dorms and private rooms perfect for couples, friends and families.


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Directions for Cieszyn bus station arrivals (map):

Once you arrive at the bus station in Cieszyn you are less than 10 min. of relaxed walk away from the Bros' hostel.
Go up the hill a little bit along the main road to the first traffic lights, then turn right (approx. 130m);
You are on Korfantego street. Keep walking straight until the road starts going down and turns a bit to the right; Walk for another 110m;
When you see a church and a park on your right you can turn left, safely cross the road and follow Jana Matejki street for 120m to get to the main town square;

After you shake off amazement of the stunning town square, turn right immediately and after no more than 130m you will find a green building on your right congratulations! You have arrived to the famous Bros' hostel.

Alternatively you can take a taxi which is right in front of you on the same Hajduka street.

Directions for ?esky T?sin train station arrivals (map):

After you have arrived to ?esky T?sin by train, you are only 15 min. walk from the Bros' Hostel. Alternatively, if you choose to get there with a taxi, you will be able to easily catch one from outside of the train station. If you, however, decide to walk the ravishing streets of Cieszyn (recommended!), please follow these directions:

1. Leaving the building head left and along the main road. Following Nadrazni street you will get to a right turn, which would be a wise idea to choose to then follow Hlavni t?ida street;
2. On Hlavni t?ida you are about to go past the coolest of traditional Czech pubs (better not to forget them!) until you reach a bridge over the Olza River - the border. Now, spend a while looking into the waters, pondering the vastness of the Universe.
3. Crossing the border you leave Czech Republic to begin your visit in the Polish part of the town.
4. Next, take the second turn right to the stony G??boka street and walk up the hill till you get to the second left turn - Stary Targ street. Find the other end of this street and head right - right into the Mennicza street. The famous Bros' Hostel is the beautiful green building 30 m further on your left. The main entrance is on Bo?nicza street (turn left)..

Located near

3 Bros' Hostel is located directly in the Old Town, just nearby the Market Square. We're almost in the middle of the way from polish bus station (buses to Krakow) to the Czech train station (trains to Prague). Cieszyn is a place full of different attractions *lovely old town with museum, bars, pubs, and cafeterias, *hilly area perfect for skiers, snowboarders, and simply hikers *famous local brewery with the very popular local lager *Czech side with very local Czech and silesian bars.

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

Please note: Cancellation Policy: 1 day before the arrival Check In: 12.00 noon Check Out: 11.00 am Method of Payment upon the arrival: Cash only! Breakfast is included. Taxes are included. Animals are not allowed on the premises. Smoking is forbidden, there is a balcony area for smokers. If You travel with a group (over 6 pax), kids, planning stag or hen night, please let us know in advance. Hostel is located on the first floor, there in no lift in the building.