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Brazil One of the biggest countries in the world, with a coast line by the Atlantic Ocean and boarders to almost all the other countries in South America, Brazil is problably most known for its passion of Carnavals, where they put a lot of work into making spetacular shows in the cities where people have put fabulous costumes and they dance. Brazil contains also part of the Amazon, a jungle that will show you an amazing nature, and rivers to sail on, as the easiest way to get around. But not only here you find an amazing nature. OTher places in the country it will also be possible to find forrests, and the most beautiful waterfalls.

Area: 8.514.215 Km²
Population: 173.886.000 (2002 est.)
Density: 20 pop/Km²

System of government: Federative Republic
Capital: Brasilia (2.043.000 pop.)
Major cities: São Paulo 10.405.000 pop. (17.880.000 urban aggl.), Rio de Janeiro 5.850.000 pop. (10.895.000 urban aggl.), Salvador 2.441.000 pop. (3.020.000 urban aggl.), Belo Horizonte 2.230.000 pop. (4.820.000 urban aggl.), Fortaleza 2.138.000 pop. (2.985.000 urban aggl.), Curitiba 1.587.000 pop. (2.725.000 urban aggl.), Recife 1.422.000 pop. (3.340.000 urban aggl.), Manaus 1.404.000 pop., Porto Alegre 1.360.000 pop. (3.660.000 urban aggl.), Belém 1.280.000 pop. (1.795.000 urban aggl.), Goiânia 1.091.000 pop. (1.640.000 urban aggl.), Guarulhos 1.071.000 pop.
Ethnic majority: White 55%, Mulatto and mestizo 38%, Black 6%, Asian, Amerindian and others 1%
Border countries: French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela NORTH, Colombia NORTH-WEST, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina WEST, Uruguay SOUTH

Principal mountains: Pico da Neblina 3014 m
Principal rivers: Amazon 3500 Km (brazilian tract, total 6280 Km), Purus 3000 Km (brazilian tract, total 3210 Km), Rio São Francisco 2900 Km, Rio Tocantins 2700 Km, Araguaia 2600 Km, Rio Paraná 2400 Km (brazilian tract, total 4700 Km)
Principal lakes: Lagoa Mirim 3000 Km² (total, with uruguayan part)
Principal islands: Ilha de Marajo 47.573 Km², Ilha Grande do Gurupa 4864 Km²
Climate: Equatorial - tropical

Language: Portuguese (official), English, German, Italian, Amerindian dialects
Religion: Catholic 80%, Protestant 11%, other 9%
Currency: Real (BRL)

Fixed public holidays: 1/1, 21/4, 1/5, 9/7, 7/9, 12/10, 1/11, 2/11, 15/11, 8/12, 24/12, 25/12, 31/12
Dialling code: 0055
GMT: -3

World Heritage List: