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Jamaica Reagge and rum is two of the things most people know Jamaica for, but that is not all it has to offer. This little island lies in the Caribbean sea right under Cuba, and has its history of beeing colonized. You can go sailing around the island, go diving, see the historical aspects of the island or visit a rum factory, all you need to do is decide where to begin your journey. Kingston can be rather intimidating beeing the centre of commerce and culture, but let it be a visit worth at the annual feativals.

Area: 10.994 Km²
Population: 2.666.000 (2001 est.)
Density: 242 pop/Km²

System of government: Parliamentary democracy
Capital: Kingston (150.000 pop., 587.000 urban aggl.)
Major cities: Montego Bay 130.000 pop.
Ethnic majority: Black 77%, Mulatto 19%, Asian 3%, White 1%
Border countries: -

Principal mountains: Blue Mountain Peak 2256 m
Principal rivers: -
Principal lakes: -
Principal islands: Jamaica 10.960 Km²
Climate: Tropical

Language: English (official), patois English
Religion: Protestant 60%
Currency: Jamaican Dollar (JMD)

Fixed public holidays: 1/1, 23/5, 6/8, 25/12, 26/12
Dialling code: 001-876
GMT: -5

World Heritage List: -