Barcelona On the Road

Barcelona, Spain
Ask anybody from Barcelona and they will tell you that Barcelona is a special place, a part from Spain. The capital of Catalunya, Barcelona is a city of laughter, music and life.

Stroll along Las Ramblas, which stretches all the way from the city to the beautiful Costa Blanca, and take in the modernist architecture, atmosphere and some of the amazing buskers that the city is famous for.

Or, sit in a cafe in Placa Rèal and indulge in the famous mediterranean past time of people watching.

Barelona was the home and sketching board for the modernist architect, Antoni Gaudi. You'll see his works realised on the streets of Barcelona - the city is literally peppered with his surreal houses, gardens, and cathedrals. One of his more famous works remains unfinished. Check out La Sagrada Familia and her unfinished spyres - marvel at the work that still continues today and get an insight into this wierd and creative mind.

You can also see Gaudi's famous gardens and house in Parc Guell, take in some sun, or hang out in the Gothic Quarter and eat some spicy spanish food.

Then, do like the Spaniards do and take a siesta - so you can party all night long in one of Barcelona's amazing nightclubs. End a perfect day by taking in a Spanish sunrise on the waterfront with your new found friends... Hola!


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