Budapest On the Road

Budapest, Hungary
Budapest is the economical, cultural, and political center of Hungary, but is pretty different from the rest of the country. For starters, Budapest is often said to be “the Paris of central Europe”.

The city planning is bordered by the Danube from one side and Buda Hill from the other, but it is remarkable from in every angle.

Gothic and medieval architecture in Budapest is breathtaking and is a must see, just like all the Central European cities.

Here though, the baroque and neoclassic constructions are among the most important to admire in all Europe and are what make this city so unique.

Don't miss the panoramic view of Castle Hill, the Nagycsarnok market (amazingly restored), the Parliament and the Basilica of Saint Stephan, (Bajcsy-Zsilinsky ùt).

Budapest is also the proud host of many museums, like the National Museum of Hungary, the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Applied Art and of course the Hebraic Museum. Which you can't miss.

The nightlife is really divided into that of the tourists and locals. A few big discotheques are interesting but could be a bit expensive for backpackers. Instead you should save your money and take a cruise on the Danube, you will love it!

And don't forget to take a bath in one of the thermal bath places; it is a favourite past times of the locals.


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