Cefalu On the Road

Cefalu, Italy
Cefalù has been around since before 396 BC! This city is located at the foot of a Sicilian mountain resting just above the shore, and is a tourist magnet. But once you’ve been here, you’ll understand why. You can walk the medieval streets, soaked in Sicilian sunshine and filled with the smells of food. You’ll find yourself transported back in time here, with the cobblestone streets, baroque churches and tiny alleyways.

In Cefalù, you can’t miss walking up the mountain to explore the Saracenic Castle, La Rocca, with it’s medieval fortresses and Greek temple ruins hidden amongst it all. Visit the Church of San Biagio, and the Duomo. The Cathedral hides some beautiful buttresses and mosaics, and the Museo Mandralisca holds some fascinating remnants of the area’s past. There’s also the Santa Maria dell'Odigitria (known also as the Itria), the Moastery of St. Catherine, the Seminary and the Bishop’s Palace.

But don’t spend all of your time indoors - Cefalù’s position on the Sicilian coast means that there are beautiful beaches and cliffs to explore. The sparkling Mediterranean around Cefalù is perfectly warm in summer and barely cold in winter. The local food contains a lot of seafood dishes such as alici della duchessa, an anchovie sauce that is spread on bread. Sicilians of course, are renown for their culinary skills. You’ll find meals here simply put together, but always so tasty, light, and filling. The gelato is even better, and a perfect snack on those hot summer days...


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