Helsinki On the Road

Helsinki, Finland
Finland, the country lYing next to Russia in North-Western Europe has an amazing capital, Helsinki. A city that has many beautiful sights, Helsinki is easily seen by foot, but benefits from great transport services. The most modern city in Finland, Helsinki is where trends are set, and things happen.

Finland has had a lot to do with Russia through its history, but declared its independence in 1917 after the Russian Revolution. However, Russian influence is still seen today on the streets of Helsinki.

One example is the Uspenski Cathedral from 1868, also the largest Orthodox church in Western Europe. This church is problably one of the strongest signs of Russian influence in Finland, with its golden cupolas and redbrick facade.

During spring and summer, the weather is usually very nice and sunny, and perfect for sightseeing. One site which you can't miss is the amazing Suomenlinna, Viapori-Sveaborg, an island with a beautiful sea fortress, reportedly one of the biggest in the world. The fortress was built back in 1748 to protect the Eastern part of Finland from Russia.

Other than the sights, Helsinki is a nice lively city, with many places to go out and eat, and enjoy the nightlife. Try Finnish specialties and have fun at her underground bars.

Helsinki is worth a visit for those who want to experience a wonderful, vibrant city. Spend some time getting to know her and you'll be pleased.


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