Honningsvag On the Road

Honningsvag, Norway
North Cape is a monumental experience and offers a fascinating view from 307 meter above the North Atlantic Ocean, sometimes illuminated by the midnight sun. North Cape is something extraordinary - the climatic conditions, the dramatic cliff itself and the fact that one is located on the utmost point of Europe, enhances the experience. But is North Cape the only thing we can offer our guests? Why not go to Gjesvær for a Bird safari to a nature reservation with over 2 million seabirds. Or "Deep Sea Rafting" - in the middle of the night. In the summer there is no sunset, we have midnight sun. North Cape is filled with experiences.

The winter is also an exciting experience. In the horizon the sky is "on fire". A reddish beam of daylight fades away. Then the sun disappears. But still fascinating, with Northern lights, snow-covered mountains and cliffs bathing in the moonlight.
Regardless how your plans are, we are certain that a visit in the North of Norway will be an unforgettable experience. We look forward to welcoming you as our guest!

Facts about
North Cape

924 km2
North Cape 71°10`21"
3.537 as of 31/12-01
Honningsvåg -
community center. Repvåg, Skarsvåg, Gjesvær, Kamøyvær and Nordvågen.

Primary Industry:
Fishing Industry & tourism


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