London On the Road

London, England
London...something for everyone! The most cosmopolitan and most happening city in Europe and one of the few greatest cities in the world. Visit England's capital and immerse yourself in London's always-evolving vibe.

There is one thing which you'll find out as soon as you arrive here - the sad fact that your week's budget could easily disappear in just a couple of hours.

Like no other European metropoli, London can keep you busy 24h, 7/7. The city boasts a huge list of museums, theaters, art galleries, design & bussiness exibitions, bars and nightclubs to keep you going. You must find an events brochure to help you pick and choose between the myriad of museums, concerts, bars & tours (hint: Jack the Ripper tour is a clasic).

Also, buying a weekly tube pass will be more than helpful with conserving those last few pounds.

Sights not be missed:
+ Picaddily Circus – Soho, the eccentric and stylish with best theaters and bars.
+ Trafalgar Square - the symbolic centre of London
+ Covent Garden - the liveliest part of town with good cafès & restaurants
+ Tower of London (& Bridge)
+ Buckingham Palace - Victoria's Monument


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