Minsk On the Road

Minsk, Belarus
The capital of Belarus is still a relatively unknown travel destination. However Minsk offers an impressive soviet style architecture, green parks, friendly natives and a lively night live. Due to suffering sever damages during the World War II Minsk has only a few truly historical sights. Take a tour to museums to see the most of Minsk through time. Minsk has two magnificent cathedrals: Cathedral of the Holy Spirit and the church of St. Simon and Helena. Both of them being essential spots to visit.

One of the best and nicest ways to see the city in whole is to take a ride in enormous Ferries Wheel located in Gorky Park. This park is also a very popular sight and a place to spend a peaceful summer day.

Other sights to see are Island of Tears and the impressive soviet buildings. With the sorrowful name the Island of Tears is a memorial set up in 1988 to commemorate Belarusian soldiers that passed away during the 9-year war in Afghanistan.

In Stalinist city centre is the place of the most grandest buildings of Minsk. Check out the statue of Lenin in Independent square and the Main Post Office. Don’t miss the Victory Square with a World War II monument build by the USSR.


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