Perugia On the Road

Perugia, Italy
You can discover charming hidden treats in the corners of Perugia, a small town easily covered by foot. There are very steep streets (the city is located on a hill) - but there’s also an elevator service that covers part of the city! Perugia was named after a famous painter who was born in this sweet little town by the Tiber River. Now Etruscan walls surround a city that is most famous for its chocolate.

Other than eating chocolate and walking through the charming streets there are things to see such as numerous churches like Cathedral of S. Lorenzo, San Pietri and the Duomo. Near the Duomo there's a building that contains magnificently well preserved frescoes by Perugino. Ipogeo dei Volumni is a National Museum which holds among many treasures, an Etruscan tomb. Also there is an Etruscan Arch and Roman gate with Etruscan parts which is called the Porta Augusta. Perugia is also known for shopping, in particular, its hand embroidered linens and textiles.

When you get hungry there's the amazing the Italian food waiting for you, and in Perugia, you’ll find many regional specialties to whet your appetite. Make sure you try some of the truffles the region is known for, and take a long lunch to really savour the fresh produce of the Umbria region. Afterwards, make sure you don’t skip the coffee and chocolate treat! For nightlife, there are cosy bars with live music such as places as Loop Cafe and Bratislava. There are concerts in the churches and you can often find some live music in the piazzas. There are some discos for the late night dancer, Velvet Fashion Cafe, Domus and Follia are all great places to dance away the night. If you’re here in Autumn, try to time your visit for the famous Perugia chocolate festival.


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