Valletta On the Road

Valletta, Malta
Going to this beautiful city, situated in Malta, you will experience the former home of the Knights of St. John and the colonial British forces. You will be met by these 400 years of history, echoing through the city with its amazing buildings, churches, museums and so on.

Getting most out of your stay, you should try the boattrip around the Grand Habour and a guided tour to the Fort st. Elmo and the Master's Palace where you will be travelling through time and epic battles.

Visiting St. John's Co-cathedral, you will experience one of the most amazing churches from the 16th century, with the most spectacular floor of marble, and walls covered by flamboyant frescoes.

Furthermore, you can let Valletta be the starting point of exploring the rest of the island, with its nature and beaches, and of course just get to know the special mixed culture that makes the people so special, and makes them believe that since the island is practicly situated in the middle of the world, the world revolves around Malta


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