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Dubicka 8, Zagreb

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Hostel Mali Mrak Zagreb


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Need a break from generic hostels and commercial routines? If you’re looking for a place with sublime atmosphere, local culture & genuine hospitality, then Mali Mrak may be the place you’re looking for. Run by a couple of friends from Zagreb, we keep our hostel (and guests) passionately away from th

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Taxis: From the bus or train station should cost you up to 60kn max, everything else is shady. Airport transfers are usually a rip off for 250+ kn. Strongly recommend Uber for airport transfers, usually around 100-150 kn. Download the app, it's legit in Croatia.

- From the main square ( Ban Jela?i? square ) take trams 6 or 11
- From the main train/bus station take trams 2 or 6
- From the airport take a shuttle ( 5€ or 35kn ) that will take you to the main bus station.
- All trams must be taken in direction ?RNOMEREC.
- Buy tram tickets at a newspaper stand, they are very cheap (buy the 4kn ticket, not the 10 kn!)


The quickest way here is 7 minutes by local train from the main train station - take a local train direction 'Zapreši?', get off at station 'Kustošija' and you're 400m from the hostel; paste the following url for precise directions into your browser:

The tram ride will take 12-15 min from the main square. Your stop is the last one, called ?rnomerec. ( It is the 6th station from the Main (Jela?i?) square )
When you get there, just keep walking on the left side of the street that the tram was driving on ( the name of this street is Ilica ). After 400m, by Ilica nr. 275 turn left into Ivani?eva street, and that's it, you'll see the hostel banner on the left after 50m.

Useful note:: Zagreb's main square has a free wi-fi bubble - go there, login and send us a message if you need help; you can use the social network page or ou email address.

Useful note #2: Travelers coming in from Budapest - the train route is in bad condition (for 2 years already, people sometimes report 6 hours waiting times, other delays and unpleasant stuff) - if you can, go for the buses, it will save you a *lot* of pain..

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The closest galaxy to the hostel would be the Andromeda cluster.

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LOCATION: Read the directions here on Hostelworld on how to find us, they’re easy and precise. We are not central if that's a thing for you. We prefer to stay outside the tourist zone and yet have quick access to the city centre - we're located in an ordinary, safe neighbourhood and Zagreb has an excellent, 24/7 public transportation system that connects you directly from the hostel to everywhere else, you’ll need 15 min by tram to the centre. Make sure you buy the cheaper tram tickets (4 kn or 0.5€, inside the tram @driver), it's very affordable and actually a cool thing to support public. Closest hiking spot is 15 minutes from the hostel on foot, but Zagreb has many other locations as well, we can help with that. For those who are traveling on a budget and have certain skills- if you can and feel like it, feel free to contribute / upgrade the house in a specific way - we love that (you’ll notice a ton of stuff people have done here) - create something and in return you can get a discount, free food and/or stay. You certainly wouldn't be the first, and we are known to support travellers in many more ways than just giving convenient bed prices. Contact us via email for details on that. PLEASE NOTE: The City Tax (8 kn per person per night or cca. 1€) is NOT included in the room price you book online. We have to charge it in any case, and since many wonder what that is, here goes: it's not something any hostel makes up, it's just that - a city tax that goes to the state of Croatia, a way for the state to make money. We must charge it, and keep it separately because of account keeping, so we rather choose not to incorporate it into the bed price (that means: raising that same price for said amount and proclaim 'no additional tax') and charge it separately and show it on your bill. CARDS are accepted, but the 4% bank fee is paid by you, not the hostel!