2767th Rome's birthday

2767th Rome's birthday
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2767th Rome's birthday

The city of Rome has some great news to share with you. The eternal city is celebrating its birthday 2763 years of unique history. Don't miss the chance to stay in the city as there will be a lot of event going on. Rome's birthday is celebrated on the 21st of April, 2010, commemorating the date of Rome's founding in 753BC. Rome will hold several festivals, concerts, and special events this weekend and on April 21. Historical societies put on gladiator displays and performances in and around the forum area. There's usually a spectacular fireworks display by the Tiber River.

There is archaeological evidence of human occupation of the Rome area from at least 14000 years, but the dense layer of much younger debris obscures Palaeolithic and Neolithic sites. However, Rome's early history is shrouded in legend. According to Roman tradition, the city was founded by Romulus on the 21st of April, 753 BC.

This date is also marking the traditional date of Romulus' sole reign. The legendary origin of the city's name is the traditional founder and first ruler. It is said that two brothers: Romulus and Remus (who were raised by a she-wolf) decided to build a glorious city. After an argument, Romulus killed his brother Remus and soon after he named it after himself, Rome.

Probably the best known part of Roman history is the period defined as The Roman Republic. It was the phase of the ancient Roman civilisation characterised by a republican form of government. It began with the overthrow of the Roman monarchy, c. 509 BC, and lasted over 450 years until its subversion, through a series of civil wars, into the Principate form of government and the Imperial period.

It was the most glorious period of this nation, defined by the economic, technological, architectural and cultural golden age. Rome also saw its territory expand dramatically during this period, from central Italy to the entire Mediterranean world. Even in present times the city of Rome is full of signs of vigorous history.

Come to Rome and enjoy the city to the fullest. On the 21st of April, the doors of numerous museums and archaeological sights are open to public, and the streets, richly decorated with flowers, are flooded by sumptuous processions of gladiators, senators, and other heroes of the Roman many-century history. The secrets of Rome has never been so fascinating and accessible. Everyone will be able to find something that they will enjoy.

As this year Rome's birthday comes along with Pasquetta, the whole world will be walking capital's streets. Admission will be free to the museums and places of culture,a lot of fun will be guaranteed, from the Markets of Trajan to the plots of the Big Bamboo to climb in Testaccio.

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