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Israel The only Jewish state in the world, and problably most known for its city Jerusalem, that has a significant impact within most religions. Neighbouring Egypt and Jordan, and coastline to the Mediterranean Sea, it will give you an ancient history combined with the todays high-tech life. Israel is a country of its own, with beautiful beaches and he unique Dead Sea, visit Israel and you will experience a land of absolute wonders. Hostel in Europe Network

Area: 20.404 Km2
Population: 5.938.000 (2001 est.)
Density: 291 pop/Km2

System of government: Parliamentary Republic
Capital: Jerusalem (591.000 pop.)
Major cities: Tel Aviv-Yafo 356.000 pop. (1.200.000 urban aggl.), Haifa 252.000 pop.
Ethnic majority: Jewish 80%, Arab and others 20%
Border countries: Lebanon NORTH, Syria, West Bank and Jordan EAST, Egypt and Gaza Strip WEST

Principal mountains: Mount Meron 1208 m
Principal rivers: Jordan 360 Km (total, with lebanese, palestinian and jordanian tracts)
Principal lakes: Dead Sea 280 Km2 (israeli part, total 1020 Km2), Lake Tiberias 165 Km2
Principal islands: Mifraz, Hefa
Climate: Mediterranean - arid

Language: Hebrew, Arabic (officials), English
Religion: Jewish 80%, Muslim 15%, Christian 2%, other 3%
Currency: New Israeli Shekel (ILS)

Fixed public holidays: 2002: 28/1, 26/2, 27/2, dal 28/3 al 3/4, 9/4, 16/4, 17/4, 30/4, 10/5, 17/5, 18/7, 7/9, 8/9, 16/9, froml 21 to 28/9
Dialling code: 00972
GMT: +2

World Heritage List:

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